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I need a 10 page paper on godfather 1 and godfather 2. You can write the first half about one movie and the second half about the other, or you can mix them together.

Make sure you analyze the following:
Narrative Structure: How is narrative structure used in The Godfather and The Godfather Part II? Do the films obey the rules of Aristotelian storytelling, or do they play with time/space/character psychology? Do they play with order, duration, and/or frequency? Do they use a diegetic or nondiegetic narrator, or do they use a narrative surrogate?
Narration: What is the range and depth of the narration in both films?
Style: How do both films make use of mise-en-scene/cinematography/editing/sound?
Culture: What is the film’s genre? What is the role of Francis Ford Coppola’s authorship? How does he make use of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino? Why have Americans embraced the first two Godfather films as a quintessential American tragedy? What do both films say about the immigrant experience and the American Dream?

it doesn’t need citing or sources. Thanks!!

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