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In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

 Assess leadership skills and abilities that apply to interpersonal and intra-organizational situations and effectively influence workplace dynamics

 Evaluate leadership decision-making strategies for their effectiveness on the achievement of organizational goals

 Analyze various leadership theories and approaches for their ability to enhance organizational effectiveness to improve sustainability

 Explain the influence of international and cultural differences on leadership strategies and organizational dynamics in fostering shared visions and purposes


You have learned about each of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and, on a weekly basis, have developed a leadership development action plan to improve selected leadership areas. Through the milestone assignments, you have analyzed how you will use the leadership practices to assist with the process of improving your selected areas. Using your milestone submissions, your textbook, your course resources and discussion posts, and your leadership development action plan, address the following critical elements:

 Describe the concept behind each of the five practices with supporting evidence.

 Apply each of the five practices to an organization of your choice.

o Identify an organization you are currently a leader of or would like to be a leader of in the future.

o Identify how many employees you are leading or would feel comfortable leading in the future.

o Reflect upon your acquired knowledge of the five practices and write about how the concepts you have learned might be used in the organization you selected with the quantity of employees you selected.

 Select two leadership theories or approaches you learned about in Modules Two through Six and describe how you will apply those theories (with supporting evidence) to the three leadership areas of improvement you selected in Module One.

Your final paper should be four to six pages in length (in addition to the cover page and references). It should use 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Citations should be formatted according to APA style

(I have attached the action plan to the question. Let me know if you need additional resources information and I will supply them to you. If you need any of the milestones just message me which ones you need and I will send them to you. Also, For the action plan document I sent you the section (encourage the heart) needs to be filled in. Its easy. Thank you and will leave a hefty tip.)

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