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i took this paper from my friend i need a smiliar paper to this ideas i have attend the same show and i have to write about it.

Dance Now

On March 15, I attended Dance Now in the Creative Art Center. First of all, I was looking for this show the most. And before I entered the theater I got more excited because of the energy of the audience. It looked like many people are looking for this performance long time ago. I saw some parents with their children. Food was served for free and there were things for sale. The show had many various parts. Every part has different dancers wearing different beautiful clothes that matches with the their role and the played music. It was a very excellent idea to change parts every five to fifteen minutes so that the audience don’t get bored. The light also was changing according to the part. Some times it focuses on all the stage, sometimes it follows specific actors, and some times it holds on one place like the center. Since the stage was large, the dancers had a good space to move and show their energy. All of them did a really good job and they deserve to be supported by the university and every one sees them. When it was time to have a break, after an hour, the food was still there to give the show extra bonus. Then, the show kept on going with other great parts. Every time new dancers come on the stage they surprise me with their talent. I am really proud for what they did and for being from WVU.

On the opposite side, there wasn’t a complete story because the parts of the show were not linked to each other’s. Which means it was like a series commercials. For the food, some people didn’t clean the miss they have made. The ground, especially for the popcorn, was dirty. Maybe it was better to have someone that serves the food for people. Also, the break was open and when it ended some of the audience didn’t notice that. So people kept on coming after the break from outside and, since I was near to one of the doors, I couldn’t focus on some parts. Actually I didn’t notice any sign tells that the break ended.

Finally, I would say Dance Now was the best performance I saw until now. I enjoyed every part. I also liked the way when the dancers move according to the music. It is like when the music moves and it becomes more than just a sound we hear or listen to. Overall, the show was like a remix of many different songs that lived for two hours in front of our eyes. Although it took two hours, it felt like 2 minutes of one enjoyable song singed by WVU students.

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