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Early American History to 1877

i already have a complete paper that i took from my friend i just want a paraphrase to lookalike someone else’s work

Class Participation Assignment: Film Analysis Paper for “Part One: Join or Die” in John Adams Series

I have placed on reserve at the Reinsch Library Circulation Desk a DVD of “Join or Die,” Part One of HBO’s 2008 mini-series, John Adams. It is available for three hours of viewing inside the library. Based on the historical record, John Adams is a work of dramatized historical biography. Think about the Analytical Questions below and take notes as you watch the episode in its entirety.

Write a response to the Analytical Questions in short essay format, supporting your arguments with specific details and key quotations from the film. Please type out an electronic copy of your essay in Microsoft Word format, double-spaced. You can earn as many as 3 Class Participation points for this assignment. Direct any questions about the film or this assignment to me via e-mail. Please send the essay to me as an e-mail attachment by February 8, 2017.

Analytical Questions:

In your own words, describe the Boston Massacre.

What was the principle and argument of John Adams’ defense? Why did the jurors, being colonists themselves, vote not guilty?

Describe Abigail Adams counsel and comments of her husband’s views. Does he perhaps value her opinion above others, including his male peers?

What does it mean to “tar and feather” and “burn in effigy”? Why did the attack the customs officer attempting to get the tax for unloading the tea from the ship?

How did the British respond to the “Boston Tea Party”?

What purpose finally compelled John Adams to move into “political action” and go the (illegal by British law) First Continental Congress?

What were the motions put forth by this First Continental Congress that would be the first authorized actions given to the colonists by their own “represented government”?

“Join or Die” Part ONE of John Adams, directed by Tom Hooper, written by Kirk Ellis (2008)

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