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Classmate post 1:

The Hernandez family, Elena and Juan, have been ordered to parenting class. The video implies that they are living paycheck to pay check as Mr. Hernandez must constantly work over time. Their need for income (and maybe other circumstances) has prevented them from attending 4 classes, which results in them having to take the whole course over. This will further interfere with them being able to earn income to provide for the welling being of their family and meet their necessary bills and living expenses. The parents strengths are in their dedication to family, ability to earn income and provide a stable and healthy environment and love for their child wanting what’s best for them.

The ACS worker had an obvious bias against “Mexicans” (perhaps wanting them on the other side of the “fence”) and seemed to be punishing them by ordering the parenting classes, not taking into consideration the impact these classes would have on their ability to earn income and the disruption to the family’s routine. How are the children cared for while the parents are away? How are they being fed? Is there anyone to help them with homework? Is the possibility of leaving the children at home alone considered neglect or endangerment?

The ACS worker also never tried to understand the way and the why of how Elena and Juan are trying to raise their children. A simple conversation with the family could have cleared things up and she could have worked with the family to accommodate their needs. If fact, it appears that classes were not even necessary for them. The worker should know the difficulties that racial and ethnic groups face in their efforts to combat white privilege, gain access to resources, obtain education and employment. Perhaps she had anti-immigrant” feelings and her treatment adds to society working against Mexicans whether immigrant or born in the United States. Their history as labor migrants destined to jobs at the bottom of the economic hierarchy may have played ar ole in it.

According to the NASW Code of Ethics (2008), “Social workers. . . should advocate for changes in policy and legislation to improve social conditions in order to meet basic human needs and promote social justice. . . . Social workers should act to prevent and eliminate domination of, exploitation of, and discrimination against any person, group, or class” (p. 27).


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Classmate post 2:

The Hernandez video discussed that the social worker let her supervisor know that the Hernandez parents have missed four of their parenting classes. This was because Juan could not miss his opportunities to receive overtime at work, finances that the Hernandez family relies on. She further discussed that this family should possibly not have been required to take these classes. The social worker also told her supervisor that she felt that the ACS worker who initially mandated the parenting classes had been referring to the Hernandez family as Mexicans in her comments. She feels that the ACS worker was biased and did not investigate enough.

This is a form of classism because the ACS worker automatically took advantage of her place in society and discriminated against the Hernandez family because of the social class that they are in. This might have been avoided had the ACS worker demonstrated cultural competency and tried to discover that the Hernandez family came from a culture that accepted this form of discipline. Adam et al. (2013) discuss how people can use their privilege to make changes. As a social worker, I would educate the ACS worker on how inappropriate the comments were and also on having cultural competency. The strength of the family is that the family relied on Juan, who could not at any point miss the opportunity to receive an overtime at work.

The culture which the family came from was a strength this is because it accepted the form of the discipline which the family was exercising. I believe that the Hernandez family did benefit from the parenting classes, there be flexibility with the attendance. Parents from this type of social class lack the privilege of having flexible schedules. I would try to change the policy that the classes need to be consecutive to obtain the parenting certificate. Adam et al. states “One powerful consequence of growing inequality is an erosion of free time that families have” (2013, pg. 157). It also sounds like Juan’s employer should be investigated, they are possibly taking advantage of Juan’s social class.


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