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Write a personal essay that is 1,400 to 1,750 words in length on any carefully chosen topic.

Use the following guidelines:

  • It should be something that you can write about in an emotionally moving fashion.
  • It should be personal, yet something that you can communicate well to others.
  • Because it is an essay, it should be factually true.
  • It should also show signs of extensive reflection.
  • Do not share your surface thoughts on this topic, but rather, reflect on its meaning and importance.
  • The best personal essays are informed by intensely meaningful personal experience.
  • Take care when selecting what to write about. Many people find it hard to write something original about the common days that define their lives, like when they got married. They have seen them portrayed too often in the media, and they see them through standardized lenses, rather than through their own eyes.
  • Therefore, you will want to reflect on your life. Look for moments where the experience cast a particularly insightful light on a specific topic, idea, or relationship.
  • No outside research is required for this essay, and it is unlikely that you will want to include any. Your goal is to transmute your experience into emotionally powerful and meaningful art. However, you may use outside sources if you find them useful. You must get permission for any and all outsiude source material in accordance with faculty policies.
  • You will definitely want to read a number of strong personal essays to figure out how these authors dramatized actual events and wrote about them in ways that made them beautiful and powerful.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA or MLA guidelines.

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