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Write a three-page exposition that clearly and carefully interprets the following passage from Berkeley’s Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous in Opposition to the Sceptics and Atheists.

Present the passage in context exposing what the passage says and why Berkeley says it, that is, explain how the passage figures into the argument that Berkeley is making. the quote is …..

“He is mistaken not with regard to the ideas he actually perceives, but in what he infers from his present perceptions” (47).

Your three pages should follow this quote … if your paper is not related to the “quote” I might make rewrite the paper ! (suppose you are teacher and you will explain thoughts and ideas in term of Berkeley’s viewed ( not your thoughts or opinion )

the assigned quotation will come out of the third dialogue, but your
understanding of the text will be best to start with the first. Thus, you have
the text early to start your study of it.

Berkeley’s dialogues are known for their fun read. The text reads quickly, but
you’ll want to make sure you’re following the ideas as you proceed. Note that
the name “Hylas” means “matter” and the name “Philonous” means “mind lover.” If
you keep this in mind, you’ll have a better since of what each is trying to

Have fun!

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