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Pick a fact or an event in Unit 1 from the textbook which caused a reaction in you and discuss. What surprised you, shocked you, horrified you, angered you, saddened you, made you happy, made you want to learn more?

Explain that fact or event fully (as if to someone who hasn’t taken the course or read the book) and explain why you had the reaction you did. Demonstrate familiarity with the textbook material.

400 words minimum, using correct English, complete sentences, and paragraphs.

Reply to 3 different students, saying something different from your original post, your other reply posts, and the posts of other students and saying something more than you agree. Add to the conversation with an example or something else which indicates thoughtful engagement with the material. Click on “reply” under the other student’s response post. 30 words minimum each, using correct English and complete sentences. 5 points each.

You receive credit for one unit response and 3 replies to other students’ chapter responses. If you post more, I choose which one to grade. I will usually select your first post and the first 3 replies to other students. You receive no credit for replying to another student’s reply to you.

If you want to add something to (or correct something in) your response, post it as a reply to your own unit response in order to receive some partial credit. However, do not submit trial posts and then fuller posts after you see what other students have written.


James L. Roark, et al. Understanding the American Promise: A Brief History. Second edition. Volume I to 1877. Bedford/St. Martin’s.

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