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For Weeks 1-6, you will complete a Plan of Action on a weekly basis. The Plan of Action for Week 2 will focus on your topic proposal, for Week 3, on creating a detailed outline, and for Week 6 on submitting a rough draft. For Weeks 1, 4, and 5, your action plan should address the following points:

Please include a Bolded Heading for each discussion point below. Add your name to the end of the name of all documents you submit (Ex- Week1PlanofActionCurtinP)

Progress from last to this week

Goals to accomplish with Capstone Project for the upcoming week (e.g., write 10 pages)

Any anticipated problems with accomplishing these goals, and what you can do to ensure that progress is not impeded

Students will complete each Plan of Action Assignment by Sunday 11:55 PM, EST. Required length of the Plan of Action for Weeks 1, 4, and 5 is 1-2 pages.

Goals to accomplish for week 2: topic proposal

Topic selections from four courses

Start researching 6 articles for each topic

Week 1 course selections:

For the integrative project literature review, I have selected the following programs: Psyc 511 learning and cognition, psych 510 lifespan development, psych 516 social psychology, and psyc 526 psychopathology. The four courses I have selected all deal with particular aspects of human psychological development. For instance, lifespan development features the different theories of development that attempt to explain or predict the behaviors of human beings as they grow through different stages of human. One example of an interesting theory in this area is Piaget’s theory of cognitive development that examines how children accumulate knowledge as they grow. Similarly, I find learning and cognition a key area as it explains learning deficiencies that affect the majority of children at some stage of learning. This program will enable me to better understand these learning deficiencies, how they are different from other mental health conditions and how best to manage them. I am drawn to psychopathology and social psychology as they both investigate how the human mind works, how our mental health determines our interactions, and why extreme cases of mental health disorders occur. These two programs are particularly important in this era of deranged serial killers, an increase in cases of suicide amongst teenagers, mass shootings, and radicalization. Although mental health disorders have genetic links, they are primarily caused by prevailing environment conditions around an individual. Therefore, to better manage mental it is essential to first understand how interactions from an early age can result in these conditions. Therefore, the four programs I have selected are all significant in creating a mental health narrative. That is to say, understanding how a human being goes through the stages of development, how an individual learns in these different stages, how an individual interacts with people in these stages of development, and how these four parameters affect an individual’s health in the long-term.

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