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1.A young man dressed casual clothing is slumped on the sidewalk,calling for help.most pedestrians ignore him, until another strangur stops to assist, this is an example of :

a, Facework.

b, Audience segregation

c, Non-conformity

d. The bystander effect

2. At the grocery store, you run into your math professor The intaraction between you is awkward because you aren’t used to seeing him outside of class and you’re unsure how to behave. The interaction is awkward because it violates the norms of :

a, Audience segregation

b. The looking glass self

c, Social conformity

d , Body language

3. Triads are generally more stable than dyads because:

a. Three are always better than two

b. The third person relieves some of the pressures on the other two

c. The third person makes the relationship more intense

d. The larger the group, the more fun people have together

4, Groupthink takes place when:

a. Group members discuss strategies to increase group harmony

b, Group members revolt against the leader of the group

c. Group members seek outside opinions when making decisions

d. Group members ignore the actions, plans or ideas that go against

5.Two people are standing in an elevator, but do not look at or speak to each other this kind of social interaction is called:

a, Groupthink

b. Social capital

c. Civil inattention

d. Sociological interaction

6. A friend posts an unflattering and potentially damaging photo of you on Facebook. You quickly have it removed before your friends and co-workers see it. This is an example of

a. Impression management

b. Insecurity

c. Bystander effect

d. Social loafing

7. People attending high school reunions often compare their successes and failures to those of their former classmates. This means that classmates are a(n):

a. Reference group

b. Secondary group

c, Subculture

d. Out group

8. By what age do children generally have a basic understanding of what gender is?

a. at birth

b. age 2-4

c. in early adolescence

d. when they reach sexual maturity

9. Although there are many agents of socialization, four of the primary ones are:

a. TV, music, movies and books

b. schools, the military, colleges and day care centers

c. peers, religion, sororities and fraternities

d. family, schools, peers and the media

10. The expectation that Barbie dolls are for girls and GI Joes are for boys are examples

a, role conflicts

b. gender roles

c, ascribed statuses

d, status sets

Part 2-Short Answer

1. Sociologists define two types of leaders transactional and transformative. Describe the differences between these types and provide two examples for each type.

2. Define the concepts of sex and gender, and suggest reasons why most sociologists favor the concept of gender rather than sex

. 3. Using sociological concepts discussed in class, explain some of the reasons why passersby often don’t stop to help others who need assistance.

4, Describe Goffman’s theory of impression management’ and some of the theatrical terms he uses to describe social interaction.

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