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CHOOSE ONE of the questions below and write an essay of approximately 1,500 words which you will submit electronically to Turnitin by May 3rd (you will also bring a paper copy to class.) Make an argument in which you compare the Greek writings with The Prince. Be sure to use specific evidence from the readings to back up your thesis. Material from the lectures and discussion is also appropriate, but the primary emphasis should be on the readings. Outside sources are unnecessary and discouraged!

  1. From Plato’s perspective what are the main problems with the argument of Machiavelli? And what would Machiavelli say about Plato’s ideas? Which of them, if either, makes the better argument?
  2. Plato and Machiavelli have very different understandings of virtue. What are those understandings? How does understanding their concept of virtue throw light on the rest of their political theory? Which understanding is superior? Why?
  3. What role do the Greeks and Machiavelli assign to the ordinary citizen? To what extent are Plato’s concerns about the shortcomings of such citizens valid? Does Machiavelli’s theory support democratic government, i.e., the people rule or is it only a justification for a principality?

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