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7-10 Pages in Length, Times New Roman, Size 12pt

I want you to tell me where you would start to change things. Would you choose the local level government and push for farmers markets, urban farming? Would you lobby in Washington for national food standards, or would you push for international Food laws?

Our food system is fundamentally broken. There are a myriad of problems that each author, film and conversation covered. But how can we fix this? Can we fix this? Outline your plan to get our local, state, national or even global food system in check. Where is the solution: politics (e.g. lawyers, lobbyists, legislation, regulation, representatives), economics (e.g. business, advertising, vote with your fork, subsidies), farming (e.g. Urban, Rural, medium sized, mega farm), or technology (e.g. GMO, social media, crowdsourcing)?

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