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Please choose 4 issues and typed double spaced. 3 pages per topic write your thoughts, analysis, pros, cons, research, examples, thinking and conclusion on each one of the topics.

1.Devise a system to elect the president of the U.S by replacing the current electoral college system.

2.Does the media have liberal bias?

3.May the President wiretap without a warrant to protect national security?

4.Is America becoming more unequal?

5.Do religious groups have a right to use public school facilities after hours?

6.Should there be limits on the amount of funds for campaigns?

7.Is the use of torture against terrorist suspects ever justified?

8.Should the economic embargo of Cuba be lifted?

9.Is drug use testing of students who participate in extracurricular activities permitted under the fourth amendment?

10.Does the sharing of music files through the internet violate copyright laws?

Choose 4 topics and write ONE 12 page essay about the topics, 12 font, capitalize titles and add page numbers, include end notes and citation sources at the end (MLA)

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