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In this activity, you’ll be provided with a rough draft of a technical document, SEE ATTACHED. You’ll revise it by adding graphics

to help the reader understand the process and by editing it to create better organization and avoid wordiness.

Then you’ll publish it online as a blog or web page.

This writing assignment will focus on the following skills:

Adding visual aids and graphic elements to a technical document

Revising text to reduce wordiness and improve organization

Publishing online


Revise a technical document, add visual elements to it, and prepare to publish it online as a blog or web page.

Your published assignment should contain the following elements:

Visual aids and graphic elements that help your reader understand your technical document

Clear organization and concise language

Links to your sources

Ask yourself these questions as you revise:

Did I add at least four links to relevant, helpful outside sources?

Did I add at least three visual aids that help readers understand the document?

Did I revise for wordiness by removing unnecessary common adjectives and adverbs and by changing the

part of speech of a word to shorten a sentence?

Did I rearrange the document and add headings to improve its organization?

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