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Post Reading: Questions for Aubrey & Royte

  • Due by Sunday, 11:59pm

After you have read Aubrey & Royte and completed Annotation Worksheets for each reading, please answer the following questions.

To receive a complete, you must submit your responses on time. Please remember to answer in full sentences and be as detailed as possible. Your response should be around 500-600 words in total.


  1. Aubrey claims that restaurants are a huge contributor to food waste? How so? What can we change in restaurant policy to correct this?
  2. Aubrey claims that one of our goals should be to “create a generation of Americans that are sensitive to food waste,” but she does not necessarily tell us how to do that. What ideas do you have to help achieve her goal?
  3. Royte makes distinction between food loss and food waste? What is the difference?
  4. Consider the ways in which these two articles are participating in academic conversation. What connections do can you see?

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