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  1. One crisis is a person who presents with suicide ideation. What are effective crisis intervention strategies used for each of the following: a high-risk suicidal client, a middle-risk suicidal client, and a low-risk suicidal client? What makes these intervention strategies work?
  2. Suicidal individuals do not always provide clues to what they are considering. How will you as a human service professional be able to read between the lines to understand when the suicidal risk is high for a client? How comfortable would you be in asking the questions necessary to provide the proper interventions and following through on the interventions? Explain your answer, and provide examples to illustrate it.
  3. Human service professionals and crisis workers may also be confronted with a client who has homicidal thoughts. What are three things a crisis worker should explore with a client who is suspected of being homicidal? How comfortable are you with using these techniques? What would be one of your biggest fears as the crisis intervention worker when dealing with a person who is homicidal, and why?

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