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Topic 1: In the U.S. it can feel as though the country is always in election season. Soon there will be another election and you will have to vote for members of Congress and possibly a president. In 2012, over $7 billion was spent on financing political campaigns (Macionis, 2015: 306). Little progress has been made in placing limits on campaign contributions, and for this reason critics claim that the U.S. political system is really “up for sale.” Some political studies indicate that the United States is no longer truly a democracy, but an oligarchy: a system in which a small group of rich, well-connected individuals steer the direction of the country, regardless of — or even against — the will of the majority of voters.

There are some countries, however, that do place strict limits on campaigning, even going so far as to not allow politicians to advertise on the radio or television in order to level the political “playing field.”

Do you think the U.S. should ban politicians from advertising on the mainstream media, including television and radio? Would this make a difference in changing who gets elected? What would you suggest to fix our system of campaign financing or do you think it really needs fixing?

350 words, no plagiarism and references and citations please.

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