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We did proposal letter 750 words about “Research on Feminism and Revolts against Feminist Theories” and now start work draft 1 1900 words.

there is two attachments for description and

See the proposal letter attachments and to continue work

the comments from instructor.

”’Thank you. I would recommend that you focus on the first section of essay covering the main types of feminism, but make sure it is quite brief. The second, main and most important section should be about the arguments against feminist theory. It will probably be more productive if you stick to texts or sources from the past 10 years or so. Do you remember the waves of feminism from the Lynn textbook? That’s an important historical summary, and it’s only a page or two.

I look forward to reading your essay as it evolves. Be sure that it includes some feminist information from our textbook, and that it does not recycle material from any other classes you have taken.”

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