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Grant proposals are no small undertaking, and writing one does not mean that you are prepared to write them all. Each new grant you write means new guidelines and new expectations.

In this unit’s study, you looked at two examples of successfully funded proposals, both written by groups seeking funding through the National Endowment for the Humanities. They are linked in the Resources for this discussion. What are some of the elements of similarity you noticed between the grants? What were some key differences?

For this discussion post, we will be assuming a new set of review criteria to use against the two proposals, a set that is “just for us” as opposed to using the NEH criteria. These criteria are as follows:

  • Must be community-oriented (the grant project must provide some benefit to the community).
  • Must have a clear budgetary need for the grant.
  • Total grant funds to be awarded (however they are distributed) are $250,000.

Apply the new criteria listed above to the two NEH grants, and do one of the following tasks for this discussion:

  1. Decide (approve, deny or allocate) funding for the grants. Indicate how you chose to review the grants and which ones are funded and which are not. (Note that you can give partial funding.)
  2. Write the response to each of the grants, explaining why they were or were not funded, based upon the criteria for review. You may choose which are funded and which are not, or you may wait to see if others post which they have funded and use their lists to work cooperatively with them; however, contact those learners to alert them that you will be using their funding lists in your discussion post. Attach your response letters as a single PDF file.
  3. Draft the budget for one of the grants. Explain in your post which grant you have drafted a budget for, and then use the information presented in the grant narrative to create a budget that seems reasonable to accommodate the program. If the budget exceeds the total grant funds to be awarded ($250,000), you will need to express that those funds will be supplied in other ways. Attach your budget to the forum as a file.

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