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Please respond to this discussion post in 5 sentences or more.

This is a tough answer for me and its because I have a 9 year old daughter / 11 year old son: When we talk about gender stereotyping we need to look at this as a hole look at TV shows – the 1 that comes to mind are King of Queens, the girl is very attractive and takes good care of her self – The man is decent looking but dramatically over

weight. I googled sitcoms and was blown away by the husband and wife – the wives are very attractive and men are not as much.

Now lets move to Hollywood: Once a woman loses her sex appeal usually her acting career goes with this but not with the men. Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood Stallone and the list goes on. Occasionally Ill see Ann Margeret in small parts someplace, Jane Fonda pops up here and there but for the most part they are not to be found.

Meryl Streep has been nominated for more Oscars then any other actor (I think its 20) however she is not in the top 10 paid – I cant help but wonder if she was a he with 20 nominations where he would be on the paid list.

Look at CEO’s of major corporations and the list of women will not be long: We also have to look at women’s rights, as it must be noted that equal rights has not, well been equal since beginning of time. The US population is now majority women last I read – I believe over time women will eventually rise to equal if not a greater status over males. As a society I cant help but wonder if our focus is hurting our futures; As a society we do not focus on equal rights for all people: We would rather concern ourselves with what sex uses what bathrooms – our attention is being distracted by issues that are not relevant.

By women not being more in the fore front, by women not being CEO’s has this limited the thought process that could make this country better? Its true Hillary had a run at the presidency, probably closer then it has ever been in the past – this shows progress in a good direction but not success as of yet.

Sex sales: We know this – sadly, somehow, prostitution is legal in Nevada – Mustang Ranch still open – why and how? Driving to work this morning I passes a bill board that a naked women on it with a cottage cheese container blocking her personal parts.

My kids: from day 1 I have worried about my daughters future more then my sons: School comes easier for her, grades are better, shes more athletic and a extrovert Yet, somehow I worry about her success more – has this been instilled in me because of the difference from men and women in todays world?

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