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  1. first describe how memory development and learning affect each other by defining the types of memories listed below in your own words (the use of quotations is inappropriate) and citing personal examples of each.
  • Episodic Memories
  • Semantic Memories
  • Procedural Memories
  1. Next, apply basic research methods in psychology to your initial statements on these issues by researching at least one peer-reviewed article per memory type (three articles total) in the Ashford University Library to supplement your definition of each. (For assistance in finding peer-reviewed articles in the Ashford University Library please view this tutorial.)
  2. After completing your research, critically analyze and discuss, in depth, how each of your real-life examples represents each type of memory.
  3. Lastly, evaluate and comment on how episodic memories, semantic memories, and procedural memories each potentially affect how a person learns.

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