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1. How might you use the principle that “changing behavior changes attitudes” to design a program for

a. changing a person’s low self-esteem;

b. changing a deprecatory attitude into a loving, caring respectful, relationship;

c. changing a racial prejudice in schoolchildren

2. Look at the painting Starry Night above. (picture is attached) Speculate on the following:

  1. What structures do you notice in the painting?
  2. How do the color choices and design elements in this painting contribute to the overall mood of the painting?
  3. What is the symbolism of the church? of the stars in the sky? the large cypress tree in the front?
  4. Do you feel the brush strokes and the patterns they make are intentional? Why or why not?
  5. Overall, what is your impression of this piece?

3. Find one song that clearly relates to Social Psychology. In one or two paragraphs, relate the lyrics in the song to a concept from the lecture. You can include the lyrics or your song and/or download the song to share with other members of the class. (the lecture is about psychological disorders).

4. What are the positive and negative consequences for labeling mental disorders?

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