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EVERYTHING IS ORGANIZED, but organizing systems differ in purposes, in the resource properties and organizing principles they use, when the organizing takes place, and the methods by which it is carried out. The purpose of this semester-long project is to apply the concepts and methods you’ll be learning in 202 in a practical real-world context. You will be analyzing an existing organizing system or designing a new one in some domain (or industry or subject area) that’s interesting to you.

The Discipline of Organizing. Chapter 12, “Case Studies: Applying the Roadmap”, contains about 20 short case studies that average about 1000 words. The first four case studies appeared in the first edition of TDO, but almost all of the others were written by 202 students since then. You’ll be reading some of these case studies every week to make the abstract concepts and methods of TDO more concrete. In a few weeks you’ll also read Chapter 11, titled “The Organizing System Roadmap,” which we wrote to summarize and systematize the design issues and choices that emerge during and organizing system’s lifecycle.

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