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If two measurements from the same group of people are being compared, which type of t-test must be used? (Points : 1)

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The actual measured score of a participant is called the _____. (Points : 1)

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Question 3 of 10If the p value is less than the chosen alpha level, what is the appropriate action? (Points : 1)

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If the calculated value of the statistic is greater than the critical value from a statistical table, what is the appropriate action? (Points : 1)

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Question 5 of 10Which of the following is not a measure of central tendency? (Points : 1)

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Question 6 of 10This measure of variability is the square root of the variance. (Points : 1)

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This measure of central tendency is commonly called the average and is calculated by dividing the sum of the values by the number of values in a set. (Points : 1)

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Question 8 of 10The area of statistics that involves making generalizations from a sample to a population is called _____ statistics. (Points : 1)

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Question 9 of 10A threat to internal validity in which participants with extreme scores on the first measurement of the dependent variable tend to have less extreme scores on the second measurement is called _____. (Points : 1)

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Specifying the operations involved in measuring a variable is called _____. (Points : 1)

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