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What is culture? Is it synonymous with nationality? Can culture emerge from the intersection of multiple factors, such as gender identity, ability status, or language? Consider these questions as you prepare to describe your own culture.

For this Discussion, think about how you would identify your culture. Consider aspects of your identity such as your ethnicity (Africa), gender identity (Female), religion (Baptist), race(African American), ability status (example: uneducated((although I am seeking my education), not financially secure, no siblings to help, etc.), sexual orientation (Heterosexual), or any other identifiers that contribute to what you would consider your culture (Beliefs (political, social, religious)


Write a detailed description of important aspects of your culture that an outsider might not know. Explain the information a social worker would need to know about your culture in order to effectively assist your family in the face of a pressing issue of taking care of an elderly parent. Describe potential consequences of a lack of cultural awareness on the social worker’s part.

The discussion must have 2 peer reviewed references and APA format.

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