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I need the answers to these 8 multiple choice questions, please. Provide me with the correct answers for each question below. 1-8

Questions 1-8 Choose A B or C

1. What part of a paragraph explains or supports the topic and main idea?

A. Topic Sentence B. Body Sentence or C. Closing Sentence

2. What type of paragraph shares and experience?

A. Narrative paragraph B. expository paragraph C. arguement paragraph

3.Where is the topic usually first stated in a paragraph?

A. In the last sentence B. In the topic sentence C. In the second sentence

4. Which of the choices IS NOT a brainstorming strategy used to search for a possible topic for writing?

A. Listing B. Freewriting C. Writing a first draft

5.How is the main idea different from a topic?

A. The main idea tells what part of a topic a writer will emphasize

B. The main idea states the first detail that supports a topic

C. The main idea gives an important example of a topic

6. What types of details are often used in an argumentative paragraph

A. Reflections B. Facts and statistics C. Personal stories

7. What are two types of supporting details

A. explanations and examples B. Brainstorming and questioning C. listing and clustering

8. Which of these sources is the most trustworthy.

A. A personal blog from a fan B. A textbook written by a person who specializes in the subject C. A website that promotes a particular agenda for a political party.

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