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I applied to university and my grade was too bad and they need essay to explain why it was bad i need essay for that

Please follow the instructions which is

I was sick in the last weekend and I’m ready to prove it I have a medical excuse.

I live in danger area so I don’t feel safe every couple days I hear shooting next of my window. I live there because it’s around the campus because I don’t have a car . Also, I have more than 5 Warning Messages from my university which is about shooting,robbery bank ….. i can prove that…

1-why i chose to study in the new university((( write any compliment))

2-(You have to write this>>> i will try my best to improve myself . I will never make my grade goes down again.

(( you have to write some Promise to tell them i will not make it again or i will improve myself )))

Please add any thing to make this essay strong


This from admission office

Instructions and document checklists

To help the Admission and Retention Committee learn more about your writing and communication skills and to provide insight into your past accomplishments and future plans, you are requested to write a personal essay. This essay will play an important role in the committee’s final decision regarding your admission. Your essay should be treated as your first college paper. Essays should be 1½ to 2 pages in length, typed and double spaced with standard margins. Essays should be well thought out and grammatically correct. We encourage you to have several people proofread your essay and make any corrections prior to submitting it for consideration.

Your essay may be about:

1. Circumstances that affected your most recent academic experience.

2. A challenge you have faced, how you dealt with it, and its effect on you.

3. Your personal goals and why they are important to you.

4. What you hope to accomplish in college.

5. See additional tips above

Additional Documents required

1) Official university transcript which shows Spring 2016 grades.

2) Official copies of your high school transcripts.

3) Two strong recommendation letters from professors whose classes in you received either an A or at the lowest a B.

4) Evidence of danger in your neighborhood such as news reports, doctors’ notes, and evidence such as a lease showing why you could not move to a different neighborhood.

In general, your essay should focus on academic activities but may include extracurricular activities/achievements that are relevant.

By submitting your personal essay to Rockford University you are certifying, to the best of your knowledge, that all statements are correct and complete, and reflect your own effort. Failure to provide accurate and honest information in the personal essay can result in the cancellation of your application and/or revocation of admission to and enrollment at Rockford University.

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