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For this paper you need to watch the movie “Iron Jawed Angels”. It is available on at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

It may be available otherwise on the internet or at a library, but this is easiest way to access it that I’m aware of.

After watching the movie answer the following questions in complete sentences, not bullet points. You can number them but do not put the questions in your paper. You can also answer in essay form if you prefer. This paper should be a minimum of three pages, double spaced.

1. Read the definition of feminism on page 152 of the textbook. Pick examples of political, economic, and cultural relegation of women from the movie and explain why it shows women’s relegated roles.

2. What methods or practices -were used in the movie to deny women power over the own lives and keep them from leading free self-governing lives.

3. Is it important in a democracy to have all people empowered to participate politically? If you are not from the US how does the role of women in your country affect your countries ability to be democratic or to move towards democracy. If you are from the US answer the same question about the role of women in the last election (2016) and since.

4. Look at the “equalities” on pages 153 and 154. What equalities were not accorded to women in the movie? Were any of them accorded to them?

5. Look at the section in the textbook on page 157 on liberal feminism. Did you see instances of two points regarding women pointed out by Wollstonecraft in the movie? Give at least one for each of the points.

Please don’t use any references, just write it by your own words!

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