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In this lesson, we will be- Discovering other religious paths a. Outline the history of additional selected religious traditions, b. Examine core beliefs of selected religions, and c. Identify practices of selected religions.

Reading text and viewing videos: (see which TWO- below)

This week we read about 2 religions that are probably new to many of you. View the videos – FMG streaming video follow directions given to you by Library services as to how to log-in,

Your sign in is student id number. Password last four digits of Social Security Number.

Please elaborate on your reasons for choosing that religion.Use this formula:

From the video, I relate to the …. of Jainism- in that I don’t like to see animals killed so that I can enjoy….l. From the text, the Jainism nonlying really connects with my feeling of…..

Or from the video, I relate to the ….of Sikhism. I do like the way the Sikh’s “Five K’s” description found in the textbook…..

I look forward to seeing your relating your religious background to these interesting and unique religions. Enjoy.

1) Jainism- Ascetics and Warriors – Item# 10935 Abutting the border of Pakistan, the state of Rajasthan is the home of the Jains, a relatively small but influential indigenous religious group founded by Vardhamana Mahavira, said to be the last Tirthankara

Watching just one segment on Sikhims-

2. India’s Sikhs (05:48)

Amritsar, city of the Sikh’s spiritual center, develops a political movement. In 1981, Indira Ghandi’s murder and the Sikh massacre bring Hindus and Sikhs to realize India relies on Punjar.

If you were to choose to follow either Jainism or Sikhism, which one would you feel most comfortable with based on its’ beliefs and practices? From the video viewing and text reading, talk of beliefs and practices that you mostly identify with.

Make sure you cite your sources on all postings.. If you quote directly I expect a in text citation. At the very minimum you need to have your source cited at the end of your response in MLA or APA.. As with all postings they need to be 200 words at least.

All Discussion board postings need to include a correctly cited source, either in MLA or APA format. Both in text citation and at the end of your posting. Failure to do so will result in loss of points.

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