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In the principles of representative government, Bernard Manin Argues that representative government is a “mixed regime”. Explain precisely (a) what he means by this, (b)how he comes to this conclusion, and (c) why he speaks of the “benefits of ambiguity”.

Format: The response should be in an essay format but format/style strength is not the focus, although grammar and sentence structure and paragraph structure must be academically strong with no errors.The point is to cover the question throughly and comprehensively using information mainly provided from the online book and to use as many political key concepts/key words related as possible to explain. There is no need for complicated essay or worrying about specific format such as MLA or APA. Please proofread your work throughly before handing.

The question has 3 main parts (a, b, c). Please explain the question with respect to each part in one comprehensive paragraph and include an introduction and conclusion for the response in general.

Citation: You do not need to create works cited page or use secondary sources but instead focus on providing full and complete respond to the question with mainly information from the online Manin’s book link that I have provided. You are encouraged to use a few quotes/short paraphrases from this book but you do not need a lot and also you do not need to cite the book or use even page number since there should be mainly one known source. You do not need to provide any works cited page at the end. You can use external sources to gain information and strengthen your response but do not copy the information word by word and only summarize in your own words. Also you do no need to cite external sources either as long as you are writing from your own words and not copying word by word. Again the information should be mainly withdrawn from the Manin’s book link provided. You are encouraged to mainly use the text book to provide information or any supportive back up proves wherever necessary but you do not need to cite page numbers.

*The point of this assignment is to show critical thinking and knowledge in key terms/characters/concepts and topics within a simple essay using the provided text book as a source in chapters that it applies:…

*Please provide a little point form rough outline of how this essay is organized in the beginning just for my reference. start with the outline, introduction and the part a, b, c in different paragraph and then finish with a short but thoughtful conclusion. Please proofread comprehensively before submitting.

*Response must be approximately 1000 words.

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