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During the Holocaust everyone fit into one of three categories; perpetrator, rescuer or bystander. Most were bystanders. The act of rescue was rare during the Holocaust. Less than one half of one percent of those under Nazi occupation helped Jews. Why some people chose to help while others remained indifferent in the face of Nazi efforts to annihilate European Jewry challenges our most basic assumptions about human nature. Those who helped were not saints but rather ordinary people capable of making ethical decisions and acting on them at a critical moment in time.

Think (but do not write) about how you might have acted if confronted with the opportunity to rescue or resist.

Are there any current events in your community, or in the world at large that we should speak out against? What kinds of prejudice should we be objecting to? Discuss the statement made by Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

You will receive 10 extra credit points for a well thought out, 250-500 word response.

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