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Assignment instructions:

I would like you to start your brainstorming by finding a minimum of two current events that might serve as inspiration for your research paper. These current events must directly relate to one of the topics covered in this class. You can find information from a variety of sources, including but not limited to: BBC news, the Economist, Foreign Affairs, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. You must include at least one article on two different topics (or if you prefer, a series of articles on one event), and you must include a link to those articles in your write up.

You should include a write up of two different events. Each individual brainstorm write up should be no longer than one to two pages and should include the following points.

First, you should tell me how this current event relates to the concepts that will be covered in this course. You might even reference the exact date from the course calendar where we will discuss the related concepts.

Second, you should tell me why this current event is interesting to you and why it should be interesting to the broader political science community (either the academic or policy community). You might support this second point with evidence of attention to this topic in academic journals. I recommend searching in the following journals: International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, International Journal of Political Economy, Review of International Studies, and the International Trade Journal.

Third, you should tell me how you could use this current event as inspiration for your research paper. You might consider what information is missing from the news source or what additional information needs to be gathered before we can come to a final conclusion on the topic.

The topics covered in the class are (Theories of International Trade, What is International Political Economy – Historical Context and Current Trends, Theories of International Trade,Trade Politics: State and Society,Trade Politics: State and Institutions, Globalization of Trade: The World Trade Organization,Economics of the International Monetary System,Central Bank Independence,The New Bretton Woods,The 2008 Financial Crisis,The Aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis,Foreign Aid and Remittances,Globalization and Global Governance,

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