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Research Question: How to prevent and monitor elderly abuse in nursing homes (Make sure that the research question is clearly stated in the literature review) I have attached an example of a literaure review as well: each source should have this type of format.

At least 10-12 scholarly sources, no wikipedia, etc.

Gather, analyze, and critique scholarly literature and develop a literature review to address your research question. Please make sure that this is in APA literature review format and in depth.

Your literature review must be based on:

  • Credible research sources
  • A minimum of one quantitative and one qualitative research study
  • One or two seminal or foundational sources
  • At least five peer-reviewed journals and two websites
  • Current sources from within the past five years (with the exception of the seminal or foundational source mentioned above)

In addition, your literature review must:

  • Synthesize the research and provide a summary of how the selected literature helps support the research question.
  • Discuss common themes found in the literature related to the topic.
  • Compare and contrast the typical research methodologies found in the literature you reviewed—qualitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods.

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