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Response Paper 1 Instructions

The background score for the film Batman (1989) often employs music that accents actionoriented moments. While watching the following clip from that film, take note of three examples of this tactic and write a one-page paper about it.

Begin with a brief summary of the scene’s content (what happens in the scene). Then list the dramatic elements the score enhances, explaining why you believe the scoring technique was effective, or not. Support your opinion by describing the music in one of the examples.

Due date: Tuesday,

Submit to the Dropbox under Assessments in D2L

Response Paper 2 Rubric

____ Introductory paragraph 10%

____ Listing of the dramatic elements the score enhances 10%

____ Explanation of whether the scoring technique was effective 35%

____ Support of opinion of effectiveness by describing the music in one of the examples 35%

____ Presentation: The paper is logically organized into paragraphs, and follows general procedures for a college paper, including proper grammar, movie title in quotation marks, underlined or italicized, editing and clarity. 10%

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