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The definition of normal and abnormal behavior is very difficult. The definition of Abnormal is to be on the opposite side of normal. There are so many type of behaviors no one is able to identify one of those behaviors as abnormal (Hooley et al., 2017). There is however levels or indications of a behavior being abnormal based on the actions of the person. Theses indications can confirm the behavior abnormality (Hooley et al., 2017). They are subjective distress, mal-adaptive, statistical deviancy, violation of the standards of society, social discomfort, irrationality and unpredictability, and dangerousness. If these indicators are present the diagnosis of a mental illness can be made (Hooley et al., 2017).

There are various aspects as to what’s normal and what’s abnormal. These aspects are based on communities, culture, religions, organizations, and peers. Within each of these there are subcultures within its actual cultures those are the factors to normal and abnormal (Hooley et al., 2017). Because of the various factors that have to be considered before a mental illness diagnosis can be made, the professional has to look at the whole client and their social environments (Hooley et al., 2017). Being able to understand their behaviors and other symptoms then what determined to be normal or not can be explored. Exploring all the situations of a client’s life could possibly lead to something other than a mental illness (Hooley et al., 2017).

A challenge I find that placing these definitions on every client and their situation. Because everyone is different from their behaviors, the effects of the behaviors and other symptoms could possibly be only specific to that client and not with every other client. I currently work with clients who have either schizophrenia or bi polar. Although the diagnosis is the same for some of them their baseline is different. I have witness clients decompensate in different ways from using foul language to being over excited , hyper-religious to clients who want to be identified as the character that in the their auditory hallucinations. So my question is form those examples are they all normal schizophrenics or not. Mental illness has such a broad range of symptoms considering it normal or abnormal should not be the question. Now sure there will be isolated episodes where the “what’s normal or abnormal can come into play but as a whole.


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