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Web Quest
Look for information on the world wide web about the American literature of the Romantic era, especially poetry. Here are some sites that may help you get started. (Note: links like this may be broken, but you should be able to find new sources using your favorite search engine.)

Poetry Reading
As we move into the Romantic era of American poetry, we are again exploring how poets create meaning through various devices. Continue to explore the relationship between technique and meaning.

In addition to exploring the visual elements, we will also be exploring auditory elements. For a complete list of poetic technical terms, reference the Norton glossary of terms in the ‘Policies and Procedures’ section.

With auditory techniques, pay special attention to rhyme, rhythm and meter, alliteration, consonance, assonance.

The romantic poets and poems are:

Dickinson, Emily:
“Because I Could Not Stop For Death”

“I’m Nobody, Who Are You?”

Whitman, Walt:
“A Noiseless Patient Spider”

“O Captain My Captain”

“Song of Myself”

Edgar Allan Poe
“Annabel Lee”

“To Helen”

Writing Assignment
At the end of the unit you will submit a summary of the ideas and poetry of all four eras in American Poetry. At this time, you should write a summary of this era. Look to see how representative poems reflect the times. Include the main ideas you learned on your web quest and use specific examples to point out how the poems you studied in this section exemplify what you learned. Be sure to mention the appropriate guiding questions (guiding questions attached below). Should be about 250-400 words long.

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