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This first I/O #1 paper is the first of two larger papers you will be asked to complete during the course (excluding those labeled homework assignments). The papers should be at least three pages and no more than five pages long (typed and double spaced). You should include in addition a title page and reference page based on APA format.

I/O Paper #1 – Performance Appraisal. Assume you are a manager required to administer a performance appraisal with a member of a team you manage. How would you prepare for the appraisal? What might be important behaviors to use during the appraisal to be effective in the appraisal meeting? What might be some potential rating errors that you might make? How would you attempt to minimize such errors? Justify your strategies and explain the actions you would take as a manager using your personal experiences and research as well. Be sure to use at least three references to support your views.

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