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This is a two part forum assignment.

Part I
Select “one” salient point from the Preface, Introduction, Chapter 1 or Chapter 2 to relate to the class. Succinctly state the point and thoroughly explain why you thought your chosen point was important.

In Chapter 1, The Factory Visit, Mendell (2003) mentioned sexual power can be used to exploit people and drive security vulnerabilities. He refers to sexual charisma as something difficult to resist, a “force that speaks to our most innermost nature and drives.”

Mendell, R. (2003). The quiet threat: Fighting espionage in America. Thomas: Illinois.

Part II
Choose “one” of the following to answer and present to the class: 1. One discussion question at the conclusion of the Introduction. 2. One exercise at the conclusion of Chapter I. 3. One discussion question at the conclusion of Chapter 2.

ps: looking for the exercises and will post as soon as I find them.

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