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Full APA paper format is not required. Submit as a .doc or .docx file attachment and also in copy-and-paste in the forum using the following format:



References: (full APA reference citations as well as in-text citations in the body of your response to reinforce key points.

I think it is safe to say that we have all met or worked for at least one poor manager/leader. Please describe what makes a poor manager/leader using a minimum of at least three elements. Provide examples of at least one manager/ leader you did not feel possessed the traits of a good manager/leader.

Forum question responses must be substantive. There are two elements of substance: one is content and the other is length of response. Content means that you must examine each element of the question and reinforce key points with in-text reference citations followed by a Reference list. The initial responses must be a minimum of 750 words.

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