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Senses and Perception

Find an article or resource for any disorder related to one of the senses / perception. It must be a topic that another student has not submitted a discussion. (If already chosen, you can reply to that student but you must start your own discussion topic). See Chapter 4 on Senses & Perception for relevant topics. It can be anything that relates to the physical senses and perception. Make sure to post the site or reference as well as what you discovered. It should add to the content of the chapter.

Your original post should be 3+ substantial paragraphs.

Responses to other students need to add to the discussion and not just “agree” or “disagree”.You need to add to the discussion.

Interact with other students’ postings. (Requirement is at least 2 students.)
Grade evaluates the quality of your posting as well as your interactions with others.

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