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A Seven page paper on the three articles I will attach. Here are the questions that should be answered.

  • We have talked extensively in this course about Richard Delgado’s article, which describes the manner in which stories battle with each other. Why does the dominant story never seem like it’s a story that has its own agenda? Why are stories important for both in-groups and out-group’s to tell? From your own life use this article as a template for creating your own narrative/counter narrative. Also, explain how our own ideology can dictate the intelligibility of the stories that we hear.
  • Stuart Hall says that race is a “Floating Signifier”. What does he mean by this term? How does ones race act like a language? Also, discuss the concept of “Matter out of Place”. How does your race play a part in this phenomenon? In what ways do the videos we watched in class last week speak to the ways in which race operates?

Please be clear and unpack any additional quotes you may pull from the article. Below are a list of things the professor would like to see in the paper. Please include key words from the article. They should be listed in the article. Included “Black Skin white mass” unpack this …..”At the moment you know there black the world seem to fall into place”

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