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Rationale: Throughout the semester, we will be covering select topics out of several chapters. One of the main content goals of this class is application; that is, for you to develop the skill of applying the content you learn to real-life situations. At the same time, two educational goals of this course are to give you the opportunity to work on your writing skills and critical thinking skills. These assignments are designed to achieve these goals. If done well, the end product may also provide you with excellent writing sample that you can use in future scholarship applications.

Directions: Below you will find one question that will ask you to apply some content in order to answer the question. You need to provide a written response for it.

Chapter 14 – Sexual Difficulties and Solutions

As your authors have discussed, and as you may know, many people feel insecure about whether or not their sexual partner is satisfied. Communicating about what we find and do not find pleasurable feels uncomfortable and awkward; and hence, figuring out what one’s partner likes and doesn’t like often becomes a guessing game. The unfortunate consequence of this phenomenon is that some individuals will “pretend” (or fake) satisfaction because it is easier to do so than strike up a conversation. Let’s assume you have a friend struggling with this very issue. What evidence would you give this friend to advise against faking sexual satisfaction? What recommendations would you have?


– The response will be graded for grammar, format, and the accuracy of the answer, so be sure to take your time and proof read. Also, ((be sure to address each part of the question)).

– Format: The response should be typed with the following format: 1 inch margins, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman. Your name should be in the upper right corner (and nothing else), and you should write the title of your response as the chapter the question coincides with. Your grade will be reduced if these guidelines are not followed.

– The response should be one page. Keep in mind that it’s the quality of your response, not quantity, which counts.

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