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I have sent a Example of this assignment in the file section.



In this final section, you will utilize all the information you have learned in this course. The goal of this final section is to demonstrate the ability to use all the information and assessments in one case example. As a signature assignment, you will create a comprehensive assessment/clinical write-up.

Signature Assignment

The world of mental health services is often a very complex world lacking clear and simple answers and resources to the problems that are faced by many clients. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to experience some of that complexity along with gaining understanding of how to attempt to address it.

Be sure to carefully review the list of services you compiled for the Gonzales family in the previous activity.

Books and Resources for this Week:

Example of the Assessments Administered (Test Description) and Results of Evaluations (Interpretation of Assessment Results) sections
Conners ADHD Report.pdf

Review Document

Minds on the Edge: Facing Mental Illness

Watch Video

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