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Must be original and plagiarism free, Please use the video included (please in-text cite it appropriately in APA) and I have attached my e-textbook for you to use Chapter 10 is on tobacco should you need further information. Must have in-text citations and if any others resources are used other than the attached textbook, they need to be ones that I can look up online for FREE!!! No title page required. Must be 500+ words and answer each question to it’s entirety.


Nicotine is ingested through the mouth by either chewing tobacco or inhaling cigarette smoke or nicotine vapors. While the legal age for purchasing tobacco products used to be 16 years old throughout the United States, recent legislation has raised the age. In most states in the United States, the legal smoking age is 18 years old though some states have risen the age to 21 years old.

For this discussion, complete the assigned readings, watch the video clip below, and test your tobacco knowledge.


Test Your Knowledge:

  1. How did cigarette companies make their cigarettes more addictive, according to Dr. Wigand?
  2. Explain how someone becomes physically and psychologically addicted to nicotine.
  3. Describe how nicotine use effects the CNS as it mimics acetylcholine in the brain.
  4. Are smokeless tobacco products safer to use than cigarettes (e.g. eCigarettes, chewing tobacco)?

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