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The topic you must find supporting information for is your research essay for the class. You have to take into consideration how genocides form (using theories we covered from class, the ten stages, and social institutions covered in your iBook Chapters 4 to 8) and explain how genocide can be prevented using this knowledge. Your focus is to describe how genocide occurs (you may use examples to support your points) and then explain what can be done to prevent it by making sense of and synthesizing all the material covered.

Your sources for the Annotated Bibliography must cover this by giving breadth of support and knowledge

As a critical component of the research process, students will write an annotated bibliography on the topic they have chosen for their research essay. An underlying purpose of the annotated bibliography is to allow students to read more critically, more carefully, rather than simply collect information. In the research process, an annotated bibliography is an instrument to help students formulate a clear thesis, a strong argument.

Questions for Consideration and Topic Exploration: Carefully select and annotate a minimum of ten (10) sources related to your research essay. The bibliography should include a combination of scholarly journals, newspaper articles, applicable websites, as well as other relevant, scholarly sources.

Each annotation should include: a summary, an evaluation of the text (which includes the intended audience), and a reflection on its applicability to his/her own research.

  • Summary: 2-3 sentences about what the source says.
  • Evaluation: Why is the source valid? What audience is the source targeting? Why does the author of the source have the authority to write about this subject?
  • Relevance: How is this source connected to your research? How will it help you develop your arguments in the paper?

Your Annotated Bibliographies should follow APA formatting guidelines, be alphabetized, be typed in Times New Roman, 12pt font, and double spaced. You must submit via Canvas.

NO Contractions (can’t, won’t, don’t, etc…)
NO First Person writing
NO MORE THAN ONE DIRECT QUOTE (3pts off per each extra quote you use).

Remember to IN-TEXT CITE your sources. Papers with no in-text citations will receive an automatic zero. In-text citations should match what is on your reference page.

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