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Book in use is “Social Psychology” 10E edition.

Must be at least 250 words. This is not a paper it is just a discussion question

Social psychology has a unique definition as a social science but gets some of its characteristics from other disciplines of psychology such as personality and cognitive, as well as science of sociology. Kurt Lewin is one of the founders of social psychology who posed a theory on action research. According to his theory, “action research utilizes active collaboration as part of its process to understand group and organizational dynamics in a social context. It is used to effectively promote change.” Lewin believed social research should be used as a vehicle for change.

Explain how social psychology is considered a science? In what ways is social psychology similar or different from other disciplines of psychology and sociology?

Describe some of Lewin’s accomplishments regarding the promotion of social change during his lifetime. Explain Lewin’s impact on social psychology as a science and on the society as a whole.

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