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first assignment due today

What are bureaucracies? Give examples. (50 words)

Discuss some of the functions and dysfunctions of bureaucracies. (100-150 words)

Do you think they are functional or dysfunctional for the society? Explain your reasons. (100-150 words)

the second assignment

Estate tax 1.pdfView in a new window

Estate tax 2.pdfView in a new window

(Pages-Courtesy: “You May Ask Yourself” by Dalton Conley)

About estate tax and the recent limits (above $5.4million for 2015) (Links to an external site.)

Read about the estate tax in the two pages linked above. Use the conflict perspective (Melvin M. Tumin), functionalist perspective (Davis and Moore) and Gerhard Lenski’s perspective to analyze or question the rationality of Estate tax. 150-250 words

third assignment

Discuss at least three aspects where you think that a person’s social class has a huge impact on their lives. Explain how. Write about the impact of each aspect in approximately 100 words (total 300 words for the complete answer).

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