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Read the fairytale Cinderella

After selecting a fairy tale, you will analyze the fairy tale and provide criminological insight on the crime and possible theories

You must post your summary of this information to the discussion board. Please include Titles and/or Subtitles to help differentiate the sections


Title of fairy tale and original author and date

Synopsis of fairy tale (summary including the who, what, where, when, why, and how à needs to be written in YOUR OWN words)

Identification of TWO criminal offenses found in Maryland’s Criminal Law section of the Annotated Code

This can be found at

*For each criminal offense

*provide a definition of the offense(s)

*find the offence(s) in the Criminal Law section of the code – be sure to cite the code correctly

*discuss whether the offenses are felonies or misdemeanors

*list the minimum and maximum penalties for the offence(s)

*list all the parties to the offense(s) and their role in the offense(s)

*describe how the mens rea and actus reus of the offense(s) happened in your fairytale

*what you would want to seek for punishment in terms of sentencing and a brief explanation as to why

*decide which criminological theory would best explain the behavior and how it may have been prevented

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