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Sociology questions……need answer asap

Question 72.7 pts

Tom is examining the effect of bullying on the self-esteem of highschoolers. In his study, what is the dependant variable? What is the independant variable?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 82.7 pts

Gary has observed that when the summer months arrive, crime increases in his town. He believes criminals are more active in hot weather. Donna challenges Gary’s findings by telling him that there could be other reasons for his findings (known as “spurious variables”). Which of these explanations could account for Gary’s findings?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 92.7 pts

________ refers to the life-long experience of developing one’s potential within society and learning about society’s function.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 102.7 pts

According to Kholberg’s Theory of Moral Development, at which stage does a person typically find themselves during adolescence?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 112.7 pts

April believes her friends consider her to be uninformed about politics because, in the past, whenever she shared her views they seemed to be laughing or disagreeing with her. Now, whenever April is around a conversation about politics she remains silent and refuses to offer her opinion even if asked. Charles Cooley would say that April is referencing her _________________.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 122.7 pts

A _________ is a person, organization or other social influence that helps to socialize an individual and shapes thier views of themselves and society.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 132.7 pts

As a city official, Jeremy is expected to listen closely to the needs of his constituants. This expectation is an example of a _________ that Jeremy fullfills.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 142.7 pts

_______ occurs when a person experiences a problem with two statuses they currently hold. Example: The conflict of being a mother and full-time employee.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 152.7 pts

According to the text, which of the following does not apply to Social Stratification?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 162.7 pts

Which social inequality theorist would say that status is multi-dimensional rather than being a hierarchy?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 172.7 pts

Which is not a common dimension of social inequality?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 182.7 pts

__________ describes the process of change in social status : __________ describes when this occurs within a person’s own lifetime.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 192.7 pts

Which is not an example of gender stratification?

Flag this QuestionQuestion 202.7 pts

_______ is a social structure in which women dominate over men. _______ is a social organization in which men dominate over women.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 212.7 pts

A woman is often expected to be the primary care

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