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Hello I need help with the following: Steven Spielberg

Review the list of names provided in the Creative Genius List. (Steven Spielberg and Pina Bausch)

Select two individuals, one from each column on the Creative Genius List, who are famous for their creative ideas (one from each column). I’ve chosen (Steven Spielberg and Pina Bausch)

Research their biographies in the University Library and on the Internet.

Create a presentation to summarize your campaign. Include the following in your presentation:

  • Information about each of the thinker’s unique contributions to society
  • The problems or issues that their ideas sought to solve
  • A description of the solutions and how his or her ideas were implemented
  • Each thinker’s personal/social/political environments and how you think these factors contributed to their creativity
  • The creative process of each thinker, including any obstacles they faced, and a comparison of the creative processes underlying each individual’s work
  • A critique of their ideas: Could they have done anything differently?
  • How did their work fit into the existing framework of understanding in their field, and how did it advance further understanding of the field?

Organize your work in a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of 10 to 12 slides. (This slide count does not include bookkeeping slides: title page, notes, etc. The slide count listed above should only include content slides.) Include detailed descriptions of audio/visual, internet, or other media used in your persuasive campaign. (If your team has the skills, you may elect to create sample pieces, but this is not required.)

Include at least four academic references.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.

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